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Division of Signaling and Telecommunication Service ensures repairs and maintenance of signaling and telecommunication systems supplied and produced by AŽD Praha s.r.o. Further on it ensures technical consultations, training in the field of signaling, telecommunication and information technologies.

The service activities are mainly focused on the following systems:

  • Interlocking devices of these types AŽD Praha 71 with JOP, ETB, ESA 11, ESA 11v and ESA 11d and ESA 33
  • Line signaling systems of these types ABE-1, AB-88, AH-88, AHP-01
  • Automation systems for hump yards in five modifications
  • Level crossing safeguarding systems of these types PZZ-EA, PZZ-RE and PZZ-AC, PZZ-EPA, PZZ-JLC
  • Mobile part of tractive rail vehicles and systems of automatic train control of these types LS 90, LS06, KBSE, AVV, STMLS
  • CTC of interlocking and signaling devices
  • METRO signaling devices
  • Signaling devices for factory and Industrial transport (sidings)
  • Barrier drives from AŽD Praha production for entering a premises
  • Products for points e.g. point blade position sensors, electric point machines, self-returning point machines, jaw lock
  • Telecommunication and information systems for railroads and other applications
  • Parking systems, monitoring systems for entering a premises, electrically controlled barriers and gates 

Repairs and maintenance are secured from the following service groups and locations:

Jan Remeš (Mr.)
Head of service group
SZZ-E-Česke Budějovice
Phone: +420 387 313 173
Mobile: +420 724 177 473
E-mail: remes.jan@azd.cz
Ing. Martin Trefil (Mr.)
Head of service group
Mobile: +420 724 177 475
E-mail: trefil.martin@azd.cz
Jan Varhaník (Mr.)
Head of service group
Mobile: +420 724 319 861
E-mail: varhanik.jan@azd.cz
Jaroslav Vajbar (Mr.)
Head of service group
SZZ-E-Brno (SR - Kuty)
Phone: +420 549 122 123
Mobile: +420 602 684 876
E-mail: vajbar.jaroslav@azd.cz
Karel Hradil (Mr.)
Head of service group
Phone: +420 585 113 736
Mobile: +420 602 628 043
E-mail: hradil.karel@azd.cz
Ing. Lubos Richter (Mr.)
Head of service group
SZZ-E-Ustí n/Labem
Phone: +420 475 205 762
Mobile: +420 602 582 864
E-mail: richter.lubos@azd.cz
Petr Janda (Mr.)
Service technician
Mobile: +420 724 050 053
E-mail: janda.petr@azd.cz
Josef Obst (Mr.)
Head of service group
Phone: +420 267 287 334
Mobile: +420 602 653 180
E-mail: obst.josef@azd.cz
Libor Dvorný (Mr.)
Service technician
SZZ-E-Karlovy Vary
Mobile: +420 724 293 467
E-mail: dvorny.libor@azd.cz
Ing. Tomáš Vaňousek (Mr.)
Service technician
Mobile: +420 602 222 660
E-mail: vanousek.tomas@azd.cz

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