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First Czech Smart City in Turkish Izmir

A consortium of Czech companies led by AŽD Praha has finished and handed over a complex traffic control project built upon the Smart City platform to Turkish Izmir. more



AŽD Praha in Belgrade launched the main railway station control equipment

The upgrade of station interlocking equipment of the main station Belgrade Centrum – Prokop in the Republic of Serbia was completed by the company AŽD Praha in a record time of 420 days. more



Another significant contract in Belarus was obtained by AŽD Praha

Another significant contract with the Belarusian Railways was concluded by the Czech producer and supplier of control and signalling equipment, the company AŽD Praha. more



AŽD Praha will deliver to Macedonia signaling equipment for more than 3 million Euro

AŽD Praha signed contract for work amounting to EUR 3.1 million for delivery and installation of signaling equipment EUR for railway corridor Kumanovo- Beljakovce, Macedonia. more



AŽD Praha begins modernization of the main railway station in Belgrade

AŽD Praha signed a contract to deliver and install the station interlocking equipment in Belgrade-Centre, Prokop - the main railway station in Belgrade, Serbian Republic. The total contract value is 4,2 million € more



Zdeněk Chrdle elected General Manager of AŽD for the fifth time

Governing bodies and a general manager were elected at the general meeting of AŽD Praha held on 24 October 2014. more



AŽD Praha was awarded the Ankara depot signalling project in Turke

AŽD Praha Co. has signed contract for delivery and installation of signaling equipment for railway depot Ankara in Turkey amounting to 3.2 million Euros. more



ETCS in Slovakia will be installed by the AŽD Praha company

The AŽD Praha company signed an important contract in Slovakia. It will deliver the European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS for the line Bratislava - Žilina - Čadca – state boundary with Czech Republic. more



AŽD Praha received another contract in Lithuania

At the beginning of this year, the Czech company AŽD Praha signed a contract for the completion and modification of the control and signalling technology for Lithuanian Railways on the line Kaunas – Kazlu Ruda. more



Belorussian Railways are safeguarded by AŽD Praha for the seventh time

The Czech manufacturer and supplier of control and signaling technology, AŽD Praha Co., has concluded another significant contract with Belorussian Railways. more



AŽD Praha hits the mark again in Turkey

The company AŽD Praha has signed the contract with the industrial concern Bombardier and it will deliver 500 wayside elements for 261 railway level crossings for the construction of railway line Irmak - Zonguldak in Turkey in the value of 30 million crowns. more


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