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First Czech Smart City in Turkish Izmir A consortium of Czech companies led by AŽD Praha has finished and handed over a complex traffic control project built upon the Smart City platform to Turkish Izmir.

The aim of the project was to use smart technologies to meet current mobility challenges of busy streets of this metropolis with the population of 4 million people. The system provided the inhabitants access to traffic information and it created a comprehensive, coherent and smart system of city traffic control.  The value of the investment totalled almost CZK 540m. Czech technologies have formed a live and sophisticated organism which currently controls 400 intersections, but it is ready to encompass as many as 900 intersections in the future. The system integrates 1,500 means of public transport and other elements. The whole organism is automatically controlled from a newly built traffic control centre. At present, the consortium is negotiating a service level agreement in order to configure cooperation in maintenance and servicing.  
Finishing this project, the consortium of AŽD Praha, Cross AS Zlín and other partners in Turkey devised a unique comprehensive solution to heavy traffic in big cities, which may be inspiring for many Czech cities and regions. 
The Czech companies won the tender announced by the Metropolitan Authority of Izmir in 2012. The project was implemented between 2014 and 2017. The demand for a solution was motivated by a difficult, almost intolerable traffic situation in the streets of fast-growing Izmir, which needed to implement an effective solution to congested roads, traffic jams, accidents and long waits for public transport. The Metropolitan Authority of Izmir soon took interest in other smart technologies.
We offered a mutually integrated and sophisticated system based on Smart City technologies developed by us. The system integrates 5,400 intelligent cameras, 400 intersection technologies and tools to monitor and communicate with 1,500 means of public transport. The system features the management and control of the transport, collection of fines for traffic violation, enhanced public transportation services for citizens, active preference for ambulances and fire trucks, to name a few. The scope of the project is unprecedented. In the Czech Republic, the Smart City is much talked about and often requires various subsidies. We showed that a Smart City project may be implemented without any subsidy and with tangible results,” said Zdeněk Chrdle, General Director of AŽD Praha. 
The project involved the creation of a mobile application for Izmir inhabitants. The app informs passengers waiting for a public transport vehicle about the arrival time or a delay, automatically offering alternative transport services to the place of destination by bus, train or tram; the transport services may soon be extended with ferry public transport. 
A newly built traffic control centre, managing the traffic in Izmir, is equipped with operator stations and large video walls.  The Turkish Police used the centre to detect suspicious vehicles and persons in the recent terrorist attack in the city. 
Thanks to Czech companies, Izmir is the first Turkish city to operate this sophisticated traffic control system. A big interest of other Turkish cities in the Czech Smart City project provides an opportunity for further application of Czech innovative technologies abroad. 


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