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AŽD Praha interlocked the modernised line in Montenegro On Monday, 1 October 2012, there took place an opening ceremony of the modernised Podgorica – Nikšič line in Montenegro. A consortium of Czech companies reconstructed here 66 kilometres of the line and built five new railway stations. The AŽD Praha company participated in this project by a delivery of the ESA 11 station interlocking system and the company provided also level crossing systems for altogether eleven level crossings.

The Podgorica – Nikšič line had been deteriorating since 1990th, and gradually it failed at all. In 2004, the Serbian party undersigned a contract on modernisation and electrification of the line in a total value of 70 million EUR with the consortium of Czech companies (e.g. OHL ŽS, AŽD Praha or Elektrizace železnic). The project was bankrolled by the Česká exportní banka. 
From the total amount of the reconstruction, the AŽD Praha company shares the part of about 11 million EUR. „Our company has extensive experiences with interlocking of railway lines in this region. That is why we are pleased to be able to use them also in this project in Montenegro,“ mentioned René Šigut, Trade Representation Manager for Serbia of AŽD Praha. „Beside the level crossing systems we also delivered an information system for passengers, a remote control, and a Scada system for controlling of energy devices,“ adds René Šigut.  
During the line modernisation, there was reconstructed, for example, the complete railway superstructure and the whole line was electrified in given section. The new railway stops occurred so in towns Podgorica, Spuž, Danilovgrad, Ostrog and Nikšič. The line speed is now 80 km/h and the driving time from Podgorica to Nikšič is now 50 minutes. The line is also interesting, for trains here pass through twelve tunnels and there are nine bridges on this line.
The opening ceremony took place with the participation of high representatives of the Serbian government. There took place the Prime Minister of Montenegro Igor Lukšič, the Minister of Transport Andrija Lompar and also the Chairman of the company Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro Zarija Franovič. The AŽD Praha Company was represented by Ing. Jiří Baťka, Director of Equity Holding, Zdeněk Šauer Construction Director and René Šigut Trade Representation Manager for Serbia.
Author: Jiří Dlabaja
Mobile phone: +420 606 650 834
E-mail: dlabaja.jiri@azd.cz  

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