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Marshalling Yard Žilina-Teplička interlocked by Czech Technology Modernization of the largest traffic node for freight trains in Slovakia will bring more efficient, faster and safer dispatching of trains and it will relieve the overloaded railway station in Žilina. The brain of the whole node is formed by Czech station interlocking equipment ESA 11, produced by AŽD Praha and including a comfortably equipped dispatcher workplace. For the first time in Slovakia, a large display unit VEZO has been applied here. On this unit, dispatchers are able to monitor the actual view of a traffic situation on a real-time basis.

The important railway node Žilina - Teplička, the construction of which started in 1976 and was stopped in 1992, gained a second wind in 2004, when the Railways of Slovak Republic (ŽSR) decided to finish the construction. Now, the construction for almost 122 Million EUR has finally been finished. The company AŽD Praha succeeded in the tender and, within the Teplička Association led by EUROVIA CS, since August, 2009 it has been installing the station interlocking equipment, so the brains of the whole important railway node. This node consists of an arrival, departure and transit group and of a Váh branch, through which the siding to the KIA MOTORS factory is connected. 
Starting of the full operation of the whole node is scheduled on 4th March 2012. However, the station interlocking equipment ESA 11 has already been handed over to ŽSR, and it operates even now for hundred percent.
„To the interlocking equipment of AŽD Praha, there were connected, within the railway node, 117 signal devices, 98 electromechanical point machines, 39 track circuits, 111 axles counters, 3 level crossing systems, 4 auxiliary control places, 5 derailers and one electromagnetic lock,“  details the equipment of individual stations Mr. Štefan Glovičko, Vice-Chairman of the subsidiary company AŽD SLOVAKIA, whose experts installed the interlocking equipment on place. 
The large display unit VEZO, showing the railyard display of the controlled area, dominates the dispatcher workplace. It is the first so comfortably equipped workplace in Slovakia, which will manipulate by estimation about 1 200 cars per day, and dispatches 45 terminating and 41 departing trains.
The station interlocking equipment ESA 11 including its graphic technology overlay will give on a real time basis an actual view of the traffic situation; it will prepare the traffic documentation automatically and monitor the activities of the interlocking system. 
„In the central marshalling station, there will be, due to the expected heavy traffic, placed extraordinary demands on the delivered interlocking equipment. Therefore, we are very pleased, that the confidence was given just to the technology of Czech production. The revitalization of this railway node is one of the most important orders, which we currently participate on,“ said Zdeněk Chrdle, General Director of AŽD Praha. 
Author: Jiří Dlabaja, Press Secretary AŽD Praha
Mobile phone: +420 606 650 834

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