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Microscopes from Czech Republic worldwide Today, the AŽD Praha company, which is the domestic leader in the field of the signalling and telecommunication technology especially for the railway traffic, has extended its cooperation with the multinational FEI Company, developing and producing the latest electron microscopes.

The all-Czech company AŽD Praha opened new technologically clean rooms of 750 sqm in Brno, where it will produce basic mechanical, electronic and vacuum components of electron microscopes, which are able to handle with material particles smaller than the wave length of light. 
„New clean rooms, occurring in Brno, Gomešova street, meet even strict conditions of the standard ČSN EN ISO 14644 Class ISO 7, which means maximum 10.000 of dust particles in the size 0,5 μm per 1 ft3 of air,“ explains Ing. Jolana Horsáková. Director of the Production Plant Brno of the AŽD Praha company. The extension of clean rooms occurred after that the AŽD Praha company won the tender for outsourcing of tubes for transmission electron microscopes and high-voltage sources necessary for operation of electron microscopes, in April 2011. By then, clean rooms of the area 350 sqm were sufficient for completing and testing of consoles, series Quanta, Tecnai and Titan.
Electron microscopes from these new production rooms are intended for science and research, fields of biomaterials, electronics and industry, mineralogy, criminology, metallurgy and other fields. „From Brno, microscopes are delivered to 50 countries worldwide and their share on the world market for electron microscopes is 39 %, which does the FEI Company the most successful company in this field,“ says Ing. Hynek Peřina, Company Director of FEI Czech Republic.
Starting of the cooperation between the AŽD Praha, Production Plant Brno and the FEI Company is dated in 1998, when it concerned the simple cooperation to load workers and technicians, especially during the period of fluctuating investment construction on the domestic market. This cooperation gradually developed in a mutually balanced partnership, while in 2004 the AŽD Praha company received the FEI award – Supplier of the Year. Today, deliveries of electron microscopes´ complexes for the FEI Company form an independent part of the production schedule of the AŽD Praha company. It is confirmed also by the development of the production volume for the FEI Company.
„While in the business year 2005/2006 the volume of output was 220 Mil. CZK, in 2010/2011 it increased at least upto 436 mil. CZK,“ says Mrs. Horsáková.
The future strategy of the AŽD Praha company in cooperation with the FEI Company is to achieve the level of the worldwide supplier of superior complexes of electron microscopes, in next two years, and the level of deliveries of integral systems in four years.
Author: Jiří Dlabaja
Mobile phone: +420 606 650 834
E-mail: dlabaja.jiri@azd.cz

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