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Unique Satellite Based Train Monitoring System received International Award The project named TLIGS (Train Logistic and Integration GNSS System) has the aim to increase the safety on railways through the unification of subsystems recording the infrastructure, vehicles and personnel. The system with RFID elements (radio-frequency identification) creates a communication complex, which is more economically efficient, than existing cable connections. It is able to monitor the train integrity, its speed and location, and it communicates with the railway infrastructure. This project succeeded in the international competition EUROPEAN SATELLITE NAVIGATION COMPETITION 2011.

Award from hands of the Minister for Transport, Pavel Dobeš, was received by the consortium of four companies, which designed the system: Immobiliser Central Europe, Eurosignal (subsidiary of the AŽD Praha company), COMINFO and VPRON.
„For a better presentation, the system can be compared to a similar concept, by which the safety frames in shops, detecting shoplifters, work. These frames also use some electronic chips, hidden inside products based on RFID,“ describes Ing. Vladimír Kampík, Director of Eurosignal.
TLIGS can be very well applied also in logistics for transport of dangerous freights. It is possible to monitor each individual car by this system, if it really heads to its destination, or if it deviates from its route. „It is the first system in the world, which takes into account also the human factor. It is able for example to localize and to identify the railway personnel. It is possible for example to detect so retroactively, following the emergency state, who moved where. It is possible to search out so, if responsible employers really were on their workplaces “ said Ing. Jaroslav Jansa and Ing. Stanislav Srb.
The aim of the whole project it was to unify the fragmented subsystems for monitoring of trains. Each wagon includes its own RFID chip (radio-frequency identification), which except the mutual ground communication, communicates with superior layers of the signalling system and uses a new Galileo navigation system. The Galileo system is a built-up European autonomous Global satellite positioning system (GNSS), which is an independent analogy of the American system Navstar GPS and Russian system GLONASS.
The Eurosignal company (subsidiary of the Czech company AŽD Praha) designed a concept of the low-cost railway light level crossing equipment using the RFID elements. By means of shock sensors and ferromagnetic sensors detecting the train running, it is possible to put the railway level crossing into a warning state without using of any cables.
The international competition "European Satellite Navigation Competition“ (ESNC) - formerly known as Galileo Masters - focuses on conceptual designs and projects relating to the application of satellite navigation systems in different areas of human activities.
Author: Jiří Dlabaja
Mobile phone: +420 606 650 834
E-mail: dlabaja.jiri@azd.cz

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