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  • Preparation and elaboration of design documentation and technological procedure according to customer’s data
  • Preparation of specification cards and technological procedures in IS TPV2000 based on customer’s documentation
  • Elaboration of operating manuals and their updating according to customer’s requirement
  • System of change procedure, organization of change procedure according to internal directions
  • Changes implementing in cooperation with customer even to supplier’s  chain 
  • Cleaning of vacuum components (stainless, aluminum, lead, chrome, brass).Semi-automatic ultrasonic washer installation Sonix 676-12SA-M – 12 baths with volume of 250 – 300 liters, max. usable size of bath 600 x 400 x 450 mm. Ultrasonic washer Powersonic for cleaning of small components
  • Drying and storing of vacuum components. Vacuum drying kiln Vacucell – max. temperature 200 °C
  • Vacuum test – helium leakage detectors HLT550 and HLT265
  • Residual gas analysis (RGA) – mass spectrometer Prisma plus QMS 200 F
  • Nitrogen management - fluid nitrogen reservoir in the plant area (2t), fluid nitrogen distribution for technologies and for creation of proper condition of cleaning and storing

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