Our history

The beginnings are closely related to the post-war modernization and reconstruction of railroad transportation in the Czechoslovakia. Today’s AŽD Praha owes its traditions to three founding companies

  • ČSD – Construction and installation of telecommunication and signaling systems
  • ČSD – Production of telecommunication and signaling systems
  • ČSD – Central supply warehouse

These three companies were founded in 1954. This is why this year is said to be the date of our company foundation. In 1958 the founding companies were merged together and named “Production of telecommunication and signaling systems”.

The name Automation of railroad transportation (AŽD) was first used in 1961. As an independent company the AŽD Praha was founded ten years later and the Slovakian part AŽD Bratislava was connected to it.
In 1993 the private company AŽD Praha was created. The company manages only Czech capital and at present is the biggest Czech company operating in the field of signaling technology on the Czech market.


Today AŽD Praha has about 2 000 employees spread throughout the Czech Republic. The company Head office is situated in capital of Prague as well as Technika plant, Division of Signalling and Telecommunication Technology Service and Division of Teleinformatics. Division of Road Technology Automation is located in Brno. AŽD Praha operates Installation and Production plants in Brno, Olomouc and Kolin and central Logistic plan in Olomouc. AZD Praha has been continuously and successfully increasing its foreign activities and established several daughter companies in Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia.