The supplies and sales of entire AŽD production in the field of signalling and telecommunication technology is ensured by the Logistic Plant located in Olomouc (link to the Contacts) – Logistic centre. The business activities of the Logistic Plant have been broadened by a range of products of domestic and foreign production and also by various fields as telecommunications, energetics, electrotechnics, infrastructure, etc. The Logistic Plant has more than 26 000 items listed in its range of supplied products and materials and registers more than 1000 suppliers.

Description of Logistic Plant facility

  • advantageous location
  • two halls of 8248 m²
  • outside area of 1,2 ha
  • experienced and trained workers
  • two cable spoolers
  • wide transportation vehicle park and a loco


The factory acquired CSN EN ISO 9001 certificate which ensures that all operations in the factory are in accordance with the given standards. The Logistic Plant provides, within its authorization, any logistic services, complex consulting and relevant business-technological documentation for its customers. The Logistic Plant guarantees the quality of its supplies. The Logistic Plant is prepared to provide other services for its customers as:

  • assembly of supplies according to client requests
  • complex supplies including continuous backups
  • complying with all client specifications
  • cooperation in price lists elaboration
  • delivery within 24 in the Czech Republic via TOPTRANS or our own vehicles
  • economical assessment and selection of suitable solutions arising from long-standing experience in the business


Customer service 07:00 - 18:00
Phone: +420 585 113 215, ..245, ..250
Fax: +420 585 311 270, +420 585 113 213

Logistic plant Olomouc
Zeleznicni 1
772 10 Olomouc, Czech Republic