Human resource policy

The main goal of the AŽD human resource policy is the development of highly qualified team od employees. We provide all our employees with such support and conditions that enable their professional growth and development of their professional qualities, knowledge and talent. We appreciate excellent performance and professional success and we endeavour to make our employees feel successful and satisfied.

What we expect from our employees

  • professionalism
  • pro-active work style
  • the knowledge of English (only for some posts)
  • capability to work alone and in a team
  • flexibility
  • creativity
  • capability to be loyal to company culture
  • mobility

We are always glad to meet such people whom we offer interesting and perspective work.

AŽD Praha offers and makes possible

  • contact with cutting-edge technologies
  • possibility for personal development and career growth
  • work on important and challenging tasks (including significant construction and installation jobs)

Employee benefits

The AŽD Praha cares about the contentment of its employees and that is why it offers a row of employee benefits.

  • shortened work hours of 37,5 hours per week
  • flexible work time for developers and designers
  • a standard holiday prolonged by one week
  • superannuation scheme benefits
  • boarding contributions