Company Headquarters (RSP)

AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Zirovnicka 3146/2

Zabehlice, 106 00, Praha 10

Czech Republic


IČ: 48029483

DIČ: CZ48029483

AŽD has been a leading among Czech supplier of control and command systems and equipment for transportation sector since 1954 and has become significant player among the most important European companies in this field. AZD Praha is a genuine Czech company specialized in complete deliveries of control, signalling, information and telecommunication equipment primarily for rail and road transportation. The domain of activities of the company has been expanded lately into further sectors such as housing development and building security systems. The company´s range of activities covers sales, research, development, design, production, installation, reconstructions and service of the equipment, systems and complete solutions.


Commercial section RSP

Ing. Petr Faltus (Mr.)
Commercial Director – Czech Republic
Patrizio Scuderoni (Mr.)
Deputy Commercial Director – mobile systems
Mgr. Tomas Bartalos (Mr.)
Deputy Commercial Director
Jana Parysova (Mrs.)
Secretariat of Commercial Director

Foreign trade section

Ing. Petr Zatecky (Mr.)
Commercial Director - Export
Jitka Novotna (Mrs.)
Secretariat of Commercial Director – Export
Ing. Rene Sigut (Mr.) - manager
Commercial representation – Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ing. Ladislav Maly (Mr.) - director
Commercial representation – Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan

Commercial section for Road Telematics

Patrik Reinis (Mr.)
Sales Director for Road Telematics
Ludmila Dykova (Mrs.)
Key Account Manager
Ing. Michaela Budkova (Mrs.)
Business Specialist
Eliska Hesounova (Mrs.)
Business Specialist