Division of Road Technology Automation Brno (DST)

AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Krizikova 32, 612 00 Brno

Czech Republic

The initial activities of the company in the field of road transportation were related to the development of light signalisation at cross-roads in Czechoslovakia during the 60´s of the last century. Since then AŽD controllers have become a standard and hundreds of them were produced for Czech and Slovak cities. In the first place, the microprocessor controller MR-1 has become a legend. In the process of production and development the company included gradually into its program the production of masts, signals, induction and tramway detectors and other equipment related to the road transport. The Division of Road Technology Automation (DAST) was set up in 1993. It is located in Brno and it concentrates all AŽD road transport activities. Thereby a closed technology circle has been set up – own development, design, production, installation, warranty service and maintenance, consulting and commercial activities. For strategic reasons the commercial section for road telematics which is superior to DAST was established at AZD Praha head office. The commercial section has taken over all the commercial activities and the R&D strategy.

The division aims its activities, besides its traditional products (light signalization, controllers), primarily at the road telematics and progressive branch of the road transport (camera systems enabling recognizing of registration plates of the cars, tunnel, parking and monitoring systems).


Road Technology Automation Brno

Ing. Jiri Vavrda (Mr.)
Division Director
Bc. Petr Paclik (Mr.)
Head of the Economic Department
Ing. Jan Panacek (Mr.)
Operatin Deputy
Ing. Martin Voch (Mr.)
Deputy Direction of Installation