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Installation plant Kolin is specialised in providing complete installation of communication, signalling, automation and information equipment supplied and produced by AŽD Praha. Its main domain includes mainly the installation of station interlocking systems, level crossing equipment, trackside signalling equipment, automation systems for marshalling yards, trainborn signalling equipment, signalling equipment for Metro, signaling for industrial yards, local and long-distance communication cabling including TV cable distribution networks and power supply cables for the voltages of up to 6 kV, communication and information equipment for railways, PA and radio equipment, parking systems, systems for the checking of entry into the buildings, electrically operated gates and barriers, fire protection systems, security anti-burglar systems, mechanical and manual earth works, car transport. The plant employs about 170 qualified employees.


AŽD Praha s.r.o., Installation plant Kolin (MZK)
Polepska 724
280 02 Kolin IV, Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 321 720 692
Fax: + 420 321 720 692


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