Installation Plant Olomouc (MZO)

AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Installation Plant Olomouc
Jiraskova 5
772 00 Olomouc 2

Czech Republic

The Installation Plant Olomouc disposes of excellent certified professionals in the field of low-voltage electrical installations and operation of special construction machines and mechanisms. Our employees perform and provide complete installation works and supplies of signalling equipment at the railway line contracts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, Turkey, which lead to the increase in security of railway operation at railway stations, intrastation line sections and railway sidetracks with track circuits.  

We implement new technologies leading to the improvement of railway operation control at complete sections by building the centralized remote control system. We also implement the construction of new level crossing systems thus  contributing to the increase of road traffic safety at critical areas. 

Our specialists carry out installations of point program items for all types of points of the public railway network and manipulation sidings. We participate in rebuilding points by means of the exchange of hook locks for jaw locks including the renovation of throwing and control machine units thus contributing to the increase of environment protection by lubricate saving. 

When buidling railway communication systems we focus on the installation of structured cabling, optical cable lines and distributions, welding of optical fibres. Measurement is performed both by the direct method as well as OTDR method at wave length of 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm. HDPE pipes are placed including the calibration, pressurizing and blowing in of optical cables.

The Installation plant disposes of its own geodetic specialists who provide setting out and surveying of utility networks, preparation of topography and geodetic surveying of the true implementation of constructions.


Directory - Installation Plant Olomouc

Ing. Zdeněk Bébar
Plant Manager
Ing. Michal Chromek
Economic Deputy Manager
Ing. Jiří Macoun
Technical Deputy Manager
Ing. Miroslav Rybařík
Installation Deputy Manager
Ing. Radim Žoch
Head of Commercial Department
Jiří Novotný
Head of Transport
Ing. Martin Zatloukal
Head of Construction Preparation Department
Bc. Lenka Červenková
Head of HR Department