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During 57 years of its existence AŽD Praha company has been broadening the portfolio of its products and services from the initial railway signalling products to other sectors. Logistics belong among these newer activities. Logistic plant located in the town of Olomouc is the logistic center of the company. It carries out all purchases of the necessary supplies for the production and installation activities of the company as well as all the deliveries of products and components to other customers. The specific conditions of the plant are beneficial for logistic activities. The location of the plant is favourable, it comprises two halls totalling 8248 m² plus outside surface of two hectares. Other advantages consist in experienced and trained staff, two rewinding equipments for the cables, ample fleet of means of transport able to transport goods of large dimensions and of different parameters as well as the factory railway siding which goes as far as the warehouse ramps of the factory.

Logistic plant Olomouc provides the complete assortment of supplies for the needs of the company´s Manufacturing and Installation plants corresponding to their specific activities in all business areas ( rail transport, road transport, telecommunications, other equipment, logistics). It is in charge of warehousing, completion of deliveries, expedition, customs declaration and of many others logistic activities. The logistic center in Olomouc also provides logistic services for other companies than AŽD Praha and its subsidiaries and it is able to carry out transport, warehousing or preparation of logistic routes for any signalling and communication products, but also for other products. The plant carries out the major part of supplies for the Czech Railways, Slovak Railways, for the construction of Metro Prague, it supplies products for the railways in Montenegro, Serbia, Latvia, India, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia, Lithuania and it participated in the opening of the company´s manufacturing plant in Bulgaria. Present portfolio of the logistic plant Olomouc comprises 26 000 items of supplied products and materials and more than 1000 suppliers. 


AŽD Praha s.r.o., Logistic plant Olomouc (ZOZ)
Zeleznicni 1
772 10 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 585 113 111
Fax.: + 420 585 311 270
E-mail: azdzoz@azd.cz


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