Production Plant Brno (VZB)

AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Production Plant Brno (VZB)
Krizikova 32, 612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Within the long-term company strategy the Production Plant Brno of AŽD has focused primarily on production of electronic systems. The production process is aimed on the production of small to medium-sized production series of extensive range of products mainly for railway signalling technology. 

The output of the Production Plant Brno can be divided into two main areas – manufacturing products of AŽD own industrial production and cooperative production for external customers. In the area of its own industrial production there are manufactured electronic units and systems for station interlocking, line signalling, level crossing and automatic train protection systems and also electrical components for track circuits and signal technology. In the area of cooperative production, manufacturing of electronic systems for printed circuit boards and mounting electromechanical components in clean production areas (max. 100 000 dust particles / cubic foot) are provided for the external customers.