Production plant Olomouc (VZO)

AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Production plant Olomouc
Rohace z Dube 6, 772 11 Olomouc 2

Czech Republic

The production plant Olomouc is active in the area of machinery and electromechanical production and it manufactures mainly external elements for securing of the points and level crossings which have to resist not only to the climatic conditions but also directly to the trackside conditions of the railway operation. Within the limits of its free capacities the plant uses its experience and equipmentto provide services mainly in the area of machinery production including design and technology concept in CAD,CAM (3D and 2D). 

Main manufacturing activities of the plant lie mainly in the area of lathing, milling, boring and rolling of the threads. Other activities performed by the plant are cutting of materials, pressing, plying of steel sheets, galvanic metallization, surface treatment, locksmith works, welding, electromechanical works, production of cable harnesses, tool making works, wood working. The plant also includes a 3D measurement center which enables scanning of surfaces and of profiles by means of an accurate 3-coordinate measurement system LK G-90C.