AŽD activated station interlocking equipment in Poland

The activation of station interlocking system ESA 44-PL for the Kiekrz railway station and the Poznaň Wola railway stop, including open line section equipped with integrated line block system ITZZ, is a turning point for the Czech company AŽD. This is the first supply of signalling technologies for the Polish infrastructure administrator PKP PLK within the contract "Design and construction of traffic management and signalling equipment including railway telecommunication network on the section Poznań Główny - Wronki (LCS Poznań Główny III)”.

As part of this important contract, AŽD installed also other products on this 50 km line, such as signals type AŽD 70-PL and electromechanical point machines type EP 600 used for operation of turnouts. All elements ensuring the safety of the operated railway traffic route have received approval (Swiadectwo) from the local Railway Authority UTK.

The railway level crossing systems of the type BUES 2000 from the company S&B were also put into operation on the line. "It was a very complicated night event, because the infrastructure administrator demanded that the continuity of operation on the railway line be ensured during the transition from the old signalling equipment to the new equipment," explains Zdeněk Chrdle, CEO of AŽD.

As AŽD has gradually signed contracts to secure the entire 250 km long line from Poznań to Szczecin, by the end of this year, it will put into operation another 5 stations secured by fully electronic interlocking ESA 44-PL in various sections of the line.

"Securing the line from Poznan to Szczecin is a strategic project for our company. This is the first installation of Czech technologies on Polish infrastructure, on which we wish to show that we can develop, manufacture and install high-quality products that can withstand comparisons with foreign competitors. AŽD is ready to fight for further contracts on the Polish market, which we consider promising," concludes Zdeněk Chrdle.