AŽD company has won the sixth contract in Poland

The company AŽD concluded a contract with the civil construction company ZUE S.A. for the supply of signalling and telecommunication equipment on the railway line Będzin – Katowice Szopienice Południowe in Poland. The value of the contract is 79,85 million zł (approx. 445 million CZK).

For the Czech company AŽD, this is already the sixth contract in Poland, this time in the role of subcontractor of the civil construction company ZUE. The project is co-financed by the European Union through the CEF program and is to be completed within 44 months from the conclusion of the contract.

The AŽD company figures in the project as a subcontractor of a fully digital ESA 44-PL type interlocking for two railway stations and a line section 8 km long. Railway line Będzin – Katowice Szopienice Płd. will also be equipped with 100 pieces of electromechanical point machines, 187 light signals and two level crossing safeguarding devices. Some supplies, for example in the field of telecommunications and passenger information systems, will be provided by partner Polish companies.

"The acquisition of this contract is of strategic importance for the subsequent project of the supply of signalling equipment for the Katowice railway junction, where it is logical and economically advantageous to use the unified technology. Every other significant contract concluded is an appreciation of the work AŽD has done so far with our northern neighbours, and we value this trust very much," says AŽD CEO Zdeněk Chrdle.