AŽD has first Hungarian digital interlocking in operation

The Czech company AŽD successfully commissioned the first Hungarian digital station interlocking system ESA-44-HU in the Röszke railway station.

As part of the modernization of the signalling equipment on the Hungarian railway line Szeged – Röszke – HU/SRB border, company AŽD commissioned the first digital station interlocking system ESA-44-HU. The delivery also includes an integrated open line signalling systems, level crossings and the delivery and installation of the stationary part of the ETCS system at L1 level, which will be activated in the next phase of the project. In 2024, the installation of additional digital interlocking systems will follow in Szeged station and on the line Soroksár – Kelebia.

AŽD collaborated on the development, production and installation of railway interlocking equipment in Hungary with the companies V4SIL and R-KORD (part of the V-Híd holding). The cooperation included the application of Czech know-how and tools in the production of the final device in Hungary, as well as the development of software specially adapted to Hungarian regulations.

"The development and modification of the interlocking system itself was challenging due to the specific principles of signalling technology in Hungary. From a technical point of view, we encountered significant differences here, which we had to implement in our devices in a very short time. However, I greatly appreciate the cooperation with the experts from Hungarian Railways and our partner companies R-KORD and V4SIL, who together significantly helped us in meeting all the conditions," said AŽD Research and Development Director Karel Višnovský.

Subsidiaries AŽD Slovakia and Projekt Signal also play a significant role in realisation of the Szeged – Röszke – HU/SRB project.