AŽD has won its fourth contract in Poland

The Polish railway infrastructure manager PKP PLK has officially informed that AŽD has succeeded in the tender for the supply of line signalling equipment on the Terespol - Brest railway line between Poland and Belarus. The value of the contract is 19.4 million zł (approximately 115 million CZK).

For the Czech company AŽD, this is the fourth contract in Poland based on a successful tender. The project is financed from PKP PLK's own resources and is to be completed within 30 months of concluding the contract. It is to be signed in January 2021.

In the project, AŽD is the main supplier of modern signalling technologies for line sections with a length of 12 km, on which lines of two gauges (i.e. European 1,435 mm and Russian width 1,520 mm) are installed, partly in rail splits (section of railway line integrating two or more different clearance profiles). As this is a cross-border project, some outdoor installations will be provided by Polish and Belarusian companies.

"Although this is not a large-scale project, it is very important to us. It is a cross-border project outside the Czech Republic, very technically complicated in double-track rail splits, where it is necessary to respect the regulations and standards of a country outside the EU as well as EU member states. It is also the first installation of ABE-1 electronic automatic block technology in Poland. This will enable full approval of the automatic block system by local institutions and deployment on other Polish lines,” explains Zdeněk Chrdle, CEO of AŽD.