AŽD Praha successfully modernized main railway junction in Montenegro

AŽD Praha has successfully installed and commissioned state-of-the-art signaling equipment at the Podgorica railway station, the main transport junction in Montenegro. Implementation of the entire project for 6,1 million euro took 12 months.

Within the modernization, Podgorica station is equipped with the most advanced fully electronic ESA 44 station interlocking system. The company also secured 55 switch machines, installed three level crossings and equipped the whole junction with modern LED signals which proved successful in the recent modernization of Belgrade's main railway station.

„With the successful realization of the project we have accomplished our success in Southeast Europe, where we have succeeded in obtaining several orders in three countries. This opens our way to new orders, such as in Montenegro. In the near future, Montenegro plans to revitalize other seven stations on the Bjelo Polje - Bar line, "said Zdeněk Chrdle, General Manager of AŽD Praha.

By fulfilling the deadline for the project completion, AŽD Praha consolidated its good position in Montenegro where the Podgorica-Nikšič railway line was completely secured by AŽD Praha with Czech technologies between 2004 and 2010.

In addition to securing the Podgorica railway station, AŽD Praha has successfully completed another project for the supply and installation of points heating systems to Ostrog and Nikšić stations. AŽD Praha daughter company Saobražajni Systems from Belgrade contributed significantly to this project implementation.