Vehicles equipped with ETCS on-board tested on the Plum Line

On the Plum Line (Čížkovice - Obrnice), the testing of the on-board part of the unified European Train Control System ETCS on a new special measuring vehicle Plasser & Theurer type EM100, manufactured for the Railway Administration, has just been completed. Testing of ETCS installation (version BL3R2) on the vehicle, including the national Automatic Train Protection system type LS06 with STMLS functionality (for the possibility of running the vehicles on lines without ETCS) took place with the participation of NDCon LOGIC company, which is the main supplier of the entire contract, and AŽD.

The aim of the testing was to determine, for the purposes of the correct configuration of the ETCS on-board part, the dynamic traction and braking parameters of the vehicle under different operating conditions and subsequently to start verifying the ETCS installation's ability to communicate with the stationary ETCS part.

The testing proved the trouble-free communication interaction of the stationary and on-board parts of ETCS supplied by AŽD and its partners. In addition, AŽD's ability to provide and perform all necessary measurements related to the installation, revitalization and commissioning of the ETCS on-board part, including integration with all technologies on the vehicle, has been demonstrated.

"The fact that the testing of ETCS systems supplied by our company turned out to be excellent confirms our full readiness to supply reliable equipment to customers," said Antonín Diviš, AŽD's ETCS project director.

"We very much appreciate the professional cooperation of international suppliers and excellent coordination of activities with the vehicle manufacturer staring from the design of the ETCS installation to its implementation and testing," added Vlastimil Hebelka, Technical Director of NDCon LOGIC.

The ETCS tests, which took place on the Plum Lilne, will be gradually transferred to the second line of the AŽD company Kopidlno - Dolní Bousov, on which there is currently no daily railway transport, so there is more room for various tests.

"Successful ETCS interoperability tests between the on-board and stationary parts supplied by AŽD are an excellent business card, especially for Czech specialists, and moreover in difficult times. It is more than apparent that our company is rightly a member of the European organizations UNIFE (European Railway Industry Association) and UNISIG (ETCS specification creation) and we have something special to offer to Europe. In addition, we hereby include the Plum Line among the European polygons for ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) testing,”notes Vladimír Kampík from AŽD, Chairman of the ERTMS Section at UNIFE.

Testing of the ETCS on-board installation on the EM100 vehicle will continue in October, when official compatibility tests with the stationary part of ETCS installed on the Railway Administration's lines in accordance with the relevant Railway Operator's Instructions, are planned.