The AŽD is at present capable of ensuring the transmission of information not only via classic metallic cables but mainly by constructing local and trunk cables with optical fibres that ensure big volumes of transmitted information and that have high quality transmission rates even in condition of strong industrial disturbances. The company carries out the design and the construction of these cable networks via pulling the cable into a beforehand prepared underground protector or by hanging the cables e.g. on posts of the traction power supply. The company is equipped with cutting-edge technology for pulling, connecting and measuring fibre-optic cables and so it ensures the high quality of the carried out jobs. Modern PCM transmission systems with time separations of channels are placed on fibre-optic and metallic cables. AŽD Praha carries out the design and assembly and ensures the supply of PCM systems from world renowned producers including network monitoring systems.

Blowing technique

The technique of blowing optical fibres into HDPE tubes is based on experience of AŽD Praha and the experience of the companies Plumett, Vetter and Wolf, the producers of optical fibre blowing systems. For blowing the fibre-optic cable into a HDPE tube we use equipment from the Plumett company, i.e. the Super Jet blowing system, Figaro" basket for un-coiling the cable and an air cooled compressor from the company Zeppelin. After blowing in the cable we mount the optical connectors, check the joints and ends of the optical cables on the optical cable distributor panel.