The AŽD ensures all services in the field of signaling, telecommunication and automation technology. The company activities are focused mainly on the realization phase of the construction to which a challenging development and design part precede.

The task of the design

The AŽD boasts timely provision of professional documentation which enables to realize the construction in a relevant technical level, optimal time and within the construction budget. The design is a significant part of the realization process.

The history of AŽD design department

The beginnings of the AŽD design department reach back to the year 1954 when our company was founded. The design department gradually grew up and employed more workers. The growth of volume of the investment constructions and also the development of railroad signaling and telecommunication systems caused the need for several specializations. Thanks to this new and specialized work places were created. The new design offices handled:

  • trunk cable laying
  • humping technologies
  • light signalization for controlling ground traffic
  • signalling systems for the metro

Nowadays AŽD design department spreads its activities and is entirely covering whole construction projects realized by the company.

Design department focus

  • the projects in co-operation with Czech Railways and individual worldwide Railway Infrastructure Managers (construction of railway corridors, junctions, sidings)
  • metro technology development
  • rail transport for important factories
  • processing offers for public tenders
  • research and development
  • providing services to clients in the field of engineering and statutory constructions


Ing. Josef Borecek
Design Department Director
Phone: +420 267 287 259
E-mail: borecek.josef‌‌M‌‌