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Do you have any question? Do you need any technical assistance with a current subject? Are you looking for interesting topics? Please contact PR department of AŽD Praha company which is the most significant, all-Czech manufacturer and supplier of transportation, signaling, telecommunications, automation and information technology.


PR Department.: Ľubica Jáglová • Phone: +420 267 287 721 • E-mail:



AŽD Praha interlocked the modernised line in Montenegro

On Monday, 1 October 2012, there took place an opening ceremony of the modernised Podgorica – Nikšič line in Montenegro. A consortium of Czech companies reconstructed here 66 kilometres of the line and built five new railway stations. The AŽD Praha company participated in this project by a delivery of the ESA 11 station interlocking system and the company provided also level crossing systems for altogether eleven level crossings. more



Success of AŽD Praha in Turkey

AŽD Praha Co. has succeeded in tender for delivery of railway signaling and telecommunication equipment for Hasanbey Logistic Center in Turkey amounting more than 3.4 millions Euros. more



Czech point machines conquer adverse climatic conditions in Malaysia

Company AZD Praha has supplied to Malaysian State Railways (KTMB) other 18 electromotive point machines amounting over 3 millions of CZK. more



Zdeněk Chrdle became General Manager for the fourth time

At the general meeting of AŽD Praha company held on Friday 10 February the election of statutory bodies and general manager took place. The present general manager Mr. Zdeněk Chrdle has been reelected to this position again. more



Marshalling Yard Žilina-Teplička interlocked by Czech Technology

Modernization of the largest traffic node for freight trains in Slovakia will bring more efficient, faster and safer dispatching of trains and it will relieve the overloaded railway station in Žilina. The brain of the whole node is formed by Czech station interlocking equipment ESA 11, produced by AŽD Praha and including a comfortably equipped dispatcher workplace. For the first time in Slovakia, a large display unit VEZO has been applied here. On this unit, dispatchers are able to monitor the actual view of a traffic situation on a real-time basis. more



AŽD Praha successfully finished the Project to safeguard 17 level crossings in Serbia

On the occasion of the 5th Meeting of Czech-Serbian Intergovernmental Joint Committee from 6th to 7th December 2011, there was formally undersigned the Hand-over Protocol of ten level crossings between the Serbian State Railways, Czech development Agency (ČRA) and the AŽD Praha company, which implemented the project of development cooperation. more



Unique Satellite Based Train Monitoring System received International Award

The project named TLIGS (Train Logistic and Integration GNSS System) has the aim to increase the safety on railways through the unification of subsystems recording the infrastructure, vehicles and personnel. The system with RFID elements (radio-frequency identification) creates a communication complex, which is more economically efficient, than existing cable connections. It is able to monitor the train integrity, its speed and location, and it communicates with the railway infrastructure. This project succeeded in the international competition EUROPEAN SATELLITE NAVIGATION COMPETITION 2011. more



Microscopes from Czech Republic worldwide

Today, the AŽD Praha company, which is the domestic leader in the field of the signalling and telecommunication technology especially for the railway traffic, has extended its cooperation with the multinational FEI Company, developing and producing the latest electron microscopes. more



Pilot Project ETCS in Czech Republic finished

In the section Poříčany – Kolín, there was implemented a pilot project of the European Train Control System (ETCS). The main target of this pilot project is to implement the ETCS system to railways conditions in Czech Republic. The pilot project has been co-financed by the European Community from its Cohesion Fund. more


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